Holi wishes in hindi-Happy Holi Wishes | Happy Holi 2018

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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Holi wishes in hindi-Happy Holi Wishes

Holi wishes in Hindi |Happy Holi 2018 Wishes-Holi, a traditional Hindu festival, celebrates the beginning of spring and the triumph of good over evil. It is known all over the world for the colors, Holi Festival Wishes in Hindi, English,the folks throw colors to each other, while the festival participants at the end of the day are full of color, they exchange Happy holi wishes in local language with each other

The people wish Holi in Hindi, English Holi Wishes, Punjabi, Bengali and other regional language, to wish Holi to family of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram ( In Holi wishes Image form) and personally. After all “Bura Na Mano Holi Hai”.

Happy Holi wishes 2018 in Hindi Images

Holi wishes in hindi
Although the festival starts in India and is still celebrated as a religious festival, it has been adopted in many parts of the world.In the past Gulal was made from turmeric extracts, paste and flowers, but today synthetic versions are widely used.

Holi wishes in hindi
The four main powder colors are used to represent different things. Red reflects love and fertility, Blue is the color of Krishna, Yellow is the color of turmeric and Green symbolizes spring and the new beginning.

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The colorful powder - or gulal - thrown during the festival comes from the legend of Krishna, whose skin was dark blue. Concerned that he had not been accepted for his love, Radha, he maliciously colored his face to do it like him.

Today everyone in Holi is a fair play to celebrate the love of Krishna and Radha with fragrant powder, regardless of their age or social status. Gulal also means the arrival of spring and all the new colors he brings to nature.

Dene Aaye Hai Badhai Holi Ka,
Aur Rang Lagane Holi Ka,
Ho Na Jao Naraz Kahi Aap Hamse,
Gubare Laye Hai Khelne Ham Aapse Holi Ka….!!!
@@@ HAPPY HOLI 2018 @@@

देने आये है बधाई होली का,
और रंग लगाने होली का,
हो न जाओ नाराज़ कही आप हमसे,
गुबारे लए है खेलने हम आपसे होली का….!!!
@@@ हैप्पी होली 2018 @@@

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Holi Wishes for friends

Tere jaisa yaar kahan Kahan aisa yaarana
Yaad karegi duniya Tera mera afsana.....Happy Holi Dost!!!!
Holi funny wishes
Kitna Nadaan Tha Mai Jo Rango Se Dur Rahta Tha,
Kya Khabar Thi Mujhko Jo Ye Mohabbat Me Rang Bharta Tha,
Wo Aaye Hamse Khelne Holi Rango Me Bheenge Hue,
Rang Jab Dala Maine To Wo Ho Gaye The Aur Bhi Haseen..!!!
@@@ Holi wishes in Hindi @@@
Bhang Ki Masti Rango Ki Baochhar,
Holi Ka Tayohar Aane Ko Hai Bekarar,
Thodi Hogi Masti Aur Pyaar Hoga Beshumar,
Sabse Pahle Mubarak Ho Aap Sabko Holi Ka Tayohar..!!!
@@@ HAPPY HOLI 2018 @@@
Sirf Ishaaron Me Hoti Mohabbat Agar To,
Mohabbat Me Rang Kaun Bharta,
Tum Na Khelte Sang Hamare Holi To,
Mohabbat Ka Rang Tumpe Kaise Chadhta..!!!
@@@ HAPPY HOLI 2018 @@@
सिर्फ इशारों में होती मोहब्बत अगर तो,
मोहब्बत में रंग कौन भरता,
तुम न खेलते संग हमारे होली तो,
मोहब्बत का रंग तुमपे कैसे चढ़ता….!!!
@@@ हैप्पी होली 2018 @@@
Tere Aane Ka Intejaar To Is Holi Ko Bhi Hai…
Tere Deedar Ko Pyaasi Meri Aankhe Bhi Hai…
Agar Mil Jaye Hame Sath Aapka To…
Khele Ham Rang Aapke Sath Ye Chahat Dil Ko Bhi Hai….!!!
@@@ HAPPY HOLI 2018 @@@
तेरे आने का इन्तेजार तो इस होली को भी है…
तेरे दीदार को प्यासी मेरी आँखे भी है…
अगर मिल जाये हमें साथ आपका तो…
खेले हम रंग आपके साथ ये चाहत दिल को भी है….!!!
@@@ हैप्पी होली 2018 @@@

Khaa Ke Gujiya Pee Ke Bhang…
Laga Ke Thoda Thoda Laal Pila Or Nila Rang…
Baja Ke Dhol Baja Aur Maridang…
Mubarak Ho Aap Sabko Holi Ka Tayohar….!!!
@@@ HAPPY HOLI 2018 @@@
Wo Barisho Ki Rimjhim Fuhaar…
Wo Gharo Se Nikalna…
Wo Rango Ki Baochhar…
Wo Gulaal Ka Udna…
Wo Galiyon Me Ghumna…
Wo Apno Ki Toli Bani Hai Rango Ki Pichkari…
Mubarak Ho Aapko Happy Holi…!!!
@@@ HAPPY HOLI 2018 @@@

वो बारिशो की रिमझिम फुहार…
वो घरो से निकलना…
वो रंगो की बौछार…
वो गुलाल का उड़ना…
वो गलियों में घूमना…
वो अपनों की टोली बानी है रंगो की पिचकारी…
मुबारक हो आपको हैप्पी होली…..!!!
@@@ हैप्पी होली 2018 @@@
Happy Holi 2018 wishes Hindi Images

Happy Holi 2018 wishes Hindi Images

Happy Holi 2018 wishes Hindi Images

Happy Holi wishes Hindi Images

Happy Holi wishes Hindi Images

Holi 2018 wishes Hindi

Holi 2018 wishes Hindi

Happy Holi 2018 Images with Hindi Wishes

Happy Holi 2018 Images with Hindi Wishes
Happy holi festival India 2018 : According to Gregorian calendar the month of Phalguna, comes somewhere between the ending of February and the middle of month March. The majority parts of North India observe in the early hours celebration of the well-known Hindu festival “Holi” in the Phalguna month.

Holi funny wishes

The holi festival India celebration start at the closing stages of the wintry weather season on the last full moon day of the lunar month Phalguna (Phalguna Purnima), which generally falls in the afterward part of February or March. Not only the festival of color Holi celebrate in Phalgun, but the Hindu’s festival of Shigmo also celebrated in Goa and Konkan in the month of Phalguna. Partying can make bigger over a month and may last even after the Hindu Luni-Solar New Year begins.
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