Best Tips on Eco Friendly Holi Colours – How To Play An Eco-Friendly Holi, Eco Friendly Natural Holi 2016 Festival: Holi is one of the real celebration of the Hindus which is a spring celebration otherwise called Dolyatra or basanta-utsav in west bangal and orrisa. Essentially celebrated in India and some of its neighbor nations. Holi is likewise called as a celebration of hues as individuals use to shading one another with brilliant powders and waters.

Eco Friendly Holi tips 2016
Eco Friendly Holi Tips
   In any case, you ought to realize that these Colors are comprised of chemicals that can hurt your well-being and additionally they impact our surroundings. The inefficient utilization of water in Holi Celebration. The utilization of lethal Chemicals hues that can hurt our skins. The blazing of helpful woods for Holika Bonfire. The ascent of hostile to social individuals

·         The Wastage of Water : In the momentum circumstance, when most urban areas in India are confronting intense water shortage, A tremendous measure of water is squandered on this day as to shading every others. We make fluid paints utilizing water and at last that waster is squandered.
·         The wastage of useful Wood : A day prior on the event of Holika Bonfire, all over the place woods are smoldered. These are valuable wood which could be utilized for a positive reason. This brought on deforestation and also an immense measure of harmful gasses are delivered in view of these smoldered wood.
·         The hazardous effect of chemical Colours : Upon study, it was found that the hues we use to play holi contains risky chemicals that can bring about genuine skin desease in people. Not just that, when washed, these chemicals get blended with the water assets and unclean the water also. It additionally affects the waster life framework and can execute numerous species that lives in water. 

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