Holi wishes image 2018, Messages, Shayari, Quotes, Status, DP

Holi wishes image 2018, Messages, Shayari, Quotes, Status, DP

You can download Holi wishes Images Shayari Wallpapers Status SMS Quotes Pics. Check holi wishes image and happy holi in advance images 2018.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Happy Holi wishes 2018 in Hindi - Online

February 19, 2018 0
Happy Holi wishes 2018 in Hindi - Online
Happy Holi wishes 2018 in Hindi -Holi, a traditional Hindu festival, celebrates the beginning of spring and the triumph of good over evil. It is known all over the world for the colors, the folks throw colors to each other, while the festival participants at the end of the day are full of color, they exchange Happy holi wishes in local language with each other

The people send Holi wishes in Hindi, English Holi Wishes, Punjabi, Bengali and other regional language, to wish Holi to family of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram ( In Holi wishes Image form) and persionaly. After all “Bura Na Mano Holi Hai”.

Happy Holi wishes 2018 in Hindi Images

Although the festival starts in India and is still celebrated as a religious festival, it has been adopted in many parts of the world.In the past Gulal was made from turmeric extracts, paste and flowers, but today synthetic versions are widely used.

The four main powder colors are used to represent different things. Red reflects love and fertility, Blue is the color of Krishna, Yellow is the color of turmeric and Green symbolizes spring and the new beginning.

Why Not you Check our Holi wishes in Bengali

The colorful powder - or gulal - thrown during the festival comes from the legend of Krishna, whose skin was dark blue. Concerned that he had not been accepted for his love, Radha, he maliciously colored his face to do it like him.

Today everyone in Holi is a fair play to celebrate the love of Krishna and Radha with fragrant powder, regardless of their age or social status. Gulal also means the arrival of spring and all the new colors he brings to nature.

Dene Aaye Hai Badhai Holi Ka,
Aur Rang Lagane Holi Ka,
Ho Na Jao Naraz Kahi Aap Hamse,
Gubare Laye Hai Khelne Ham Aapse Holi Ka….!!!
@@@ HAPPY HOLI 2018 @@@

देने आये है बधाई होली का,
और रंग लगाने होली का,
हो न जाओ नाराज़ कही आप हमसे,
गुबारे लए है खेलने हम आपसे होली का….!!!
@@@ हैप्पी होली 2018 @@@

Check Happy Holi Wishes for  Sister

Kitna Nadaan Tha Mai Jo Rango Se Dur Rahta Tha,
Kya Khabar Thi Mujhko Jo Ye Mohabbat Me Rang Bharta Tha,
Wo Aaye Hamse Khelne Holi Rango Me Bheenge Hue,
Rang Jab Dala Maine To Wo Ho Gaye The Aur Bhi Haseen..!!!
@@@ Holi wishes in Hindi @@@
Bhang Ki Masti Rango Ki Baochhar,
Holi Ka Tayohar Aane Ko Hai Bekarar,
Thodi Hogi Masti Aur Pyaar Hoga Beshumar,
Sabse Pahle Mubarak Ho Aap Sabko Holi Ka Tayohar..!!!
@@@ HAPPY HOLI 2018 @@@
Sirf Ishaaron Me Hoti Mohabbat Agar To,
Mohabbat Me Rang Kaun Bharta,
Tum Na Khelte Sang Hamare Holi To,
Mohabbat Ka Rang Tumpe Kaise Chadhta..!!!
@@@ HAPPY HOLI 2018 @@@
सिर्फ इशारों में होती मोहब्बत अगर तो,
मोहब्बत में रंग कौन भरता,
तुम न खेलते संग हमारे होली तो,
मोहब्बत का रंग तुमपे कैसे चढ़ता….!!!
@@@ हैप्पी होली 2018 @@@
Tere Aane Ka Intejaar To Is Holi Ko Bhi Hai…
Tere Deedar Ko Pyaasi Meri Aankhe Bhi Hai…
Agar Mil Jaye Hame Sath Aapka To…
Khele Ham Rang Aapke Sath Ye Chahat Dil Ko Bhi Hai….!!!
@@@ HAPPY HOLI 2018 @@@
तेरे आने का इन्तेजार तो इस होली को भी है…
तेरे दीदार को प्यासी मेरी आँखे भी है…
अगर मिल जाये हमें साथ आपका तो…
खेले हम रंग आपके साथ ये चाहत दिल को भी है….!!!
@@@ हैप्पी होली 2018 @@@

Khaa Ke Gujiya Pee Ke Bhang…
Laga Ke Thoda Thoda Laal Pila Or Nila Rang…
Baja Ke Dhol Baja Aur Maridang…
Mubarak Ho Aap Sabko Holi Ka Tayohar….!!!
@@@ HAPPY HOLI 2018 @@@
Wo Barisho Ki Rimjhim Fuhaar…
Wo Gharo Se Nikalna…
Wo Rango Ki Baochhar…
Wo Gulaal Ka Udna…
Wo Galiyon Me Ghumna…
Wo Apno Ki Toli Bani Hai Rango Ki Pichkari…
Mubarak Ho Aapko Happy Holi…!!!
@@@ HAPPY HOLI 2018 @@@

वो बारिशो की रिमझिम फुहार…
वो घरो से निकलना…
वो रंगो की बौछार…
वो गुलाल का उड़ना…
वो गलियों में घूमना…
वो अपनों की टोली बानी है रंगो की पिचकारी…
मुबारक हो आपको हैप्पी होली…..!!!
@@@ हैप्पी होली 2018 @@@
Holi 2018 wishes Hindi Images
Happy Holi 2018 wishes Hindi Images

Happy Holi 2018 wishes Hindi Images

Happy Holi 2018 wishes Hindi Images

Happy Holi wishes Hindi Images

Happy Holi wishes Hindi Images

Holi 2018 wishes Hindi

Holi 2018 wishes Hindi

Happy Holi 2018 Images with Hindi Wishes

Happy Holi 2018 Images with Hindi Wishes
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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Happy Holi Wishes, Messages to Sister | Holi SMS for Sister

February 14, 2018 0
Happy Holi Wishes, Messages to Sister | Holi SMS for Sister
Latest Collection On Happy Holi 2018 Wishes to Sister, Happy Holi Messages to Sister, Holi SMS to Sister, Holi Greetings Wishes For Sister.
Happy holi 2016 Greetings for sister

Holi Wishes for Sister

Rangon Ki Bauchaar
Mausam Ki Bahaar
Apno Kaa Dhair Sara Pyaar
Aesa Hi Toh Hota Hai
Ye Holi Ka Tayohaar!
Happy Holi 2u Sister
There is no better frnd than a sister.
And There is no better sister..
In This World than you….
Happy Holi ..
We r three sisters…
We are not always together,
Life sometimes keeps us apart.
But we are never separated….
We are in each others heart.
Now I know we have had our troubles,
But we always get thru…..
The real message is you love me,
And I also love you…..
On This holi ….
I Miss You Sister So Much….
Happy Holi …

Holi wishes image 2018

Sister to sister….
we will always b A couple of nuts….
Of Our family tree…..
Happy Holi Meri Pyari Behna…
My sister holds me tight…
My>sistr kisses me gud nite …
My>sistr knows when Im mad…
My>sistr helps me when Im sad
My>sistr is so smart….
My>sistr has my heart……
My>sistr loves me lots….
My>sistr ties the knots…
My>sistr is here to stay..
My>sistr I have until this very day…
My>sistr I wish u well…
My>sistr yes I can tell…
My>sistr asked if I lied
My>sistr knows if I have cried…
My>sistr has moved away …
My>sistr “U’ is in my heart…
Happy Holi …
I, who have no sister,
Look with some degree of innocent..
Envy on those who may be said
To be born to friends…..
Happy Holi ..

Happy Holi 2018 FaceBook Cover Pages

You are my favorite sister.
You have always been there for me….
I will always secretly look up to with no one knowing.
And will try to care for u forever & ever….
Happy Holi My sister With Lots Of Prayers…
Isadora James says taht::
A sister is a gift to the heart,
Also A friend to the spirit,
And A golden thread to the meaning of life….
Happy Holi 2u My Cute Sister…
A sisters love is special,,
In so many ways …..
Now Miles stretch between us
And Minutes turn to days…..
Happy Holi 2018 …

Our roots Say we r sisters,
And Our hearts say we r friends..
Happy Holi My Sweet Sister …
Aaj ka din bohot khaas hai,
Behna k liye kuch mere pas hai,
Kabhi Kisi Baat Par Presha Mat hona q,k
Tera bhaiya hamesha tere aas-paas hai…
Happy holi Meri Pyari Behna ..
Sisters is probably the most competitive
Relationship Within the All family,
you are Best Sister Of the World…
Happy Holi 2u …

Happy Holi 2018 Whatsapp Status (Shayari), Holi Whatsapp DP

February 14, 2018 0
Happy Holi 2018 Whatsapp Status (Shayari), Holi Whatsapp DP
Happy Holi 2018 Whatsapp Status, Holi 2018 Whatsapp Shayari, Happy Holi Whatsapp DP, Happy Holi 2018 Whatsapp Pics, Holi Whatsapp Profile Photo:

Holi is definitely an historical Hindu non secular event, generally known as the particular event associated with colors or perhaps the particular event associated with enjoy. Looking at their home to indicate the particular win associated with excellent in excess of evil and the entrance associated with spring.

Happy Holi 2018 Whatsapp Shayari

Rangon se bhi rangeen zindagi hai humari,
rangeeli rahe yeh bandagi hai humari, 
kabhi na bigde ye pyar ki rangoli, 
aye mere yaar aisi HAPPY HOLI.

Holi K is Tyohar Ko, Samjho Mere Pyar Ko, 
Yeh Tyohar Hai Mere Sache Pyar Ka Izhaar, 
Rango Ke Tyohar Me Sabhi Rango Ki Ho Bharmar, 
Dher Saari Khushiyo Se Bhara Ho Aapka Sansar, 
Yahi Dua hai Bhagwan Se Hamari Har bar
Holi ki haardik Shubhkamnayein !!

Check Holi Shayari 2018 Here

Poonima Ka Chand Rango Ki Doli
Chand Se Uski Chandni Boli
Khushiyon Se Bhar De Sabki Jholi
aap k Jeevan ko rand de yeh Holi !!
Holi ki Shubhkamnayein !!
Happy Holi Facebook Cover Pages

Tum Mano Ya Na Mano Hum Ko Hai Pyaar
Hum Pyaar Ka In Shabdon Main Kerte Hain Izhaar
Makki ki Roti, Nimbu ka Aachar
Suraj Ki Kirne, Khushiyo ki Bahar
Chand Ki Chandni, Apno ka Pyar
Mubarak Ho Aapko, HOLI ka Tyohar

Gul ne gulshan se gulfam bheja hai,
Sitaro ne aasman se salaam bheja hai,
Mubaraq ho aapko holi ka tyohar,
Humne dil se yeh paigam bheja hai.
Happy Holi to u.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Download Happy Holi wishes Bengali 2018 Images Dol Purnima SMS, Message

February 10, 2018 0
Download Happy Holi wishes Bengali 2018 Images Dol Purnima SMS, Message
Latest collection on Holi wishes Bengali Images SMS Messages, Quotes, Wallpaper, Holi Images In Bengali 2018, Holi 2018 Greetings, Sayings In Bengali Language, Holi Bengali Greetings, Wishes 2018 For Friends and Family.

Holi in Bengal or the Dol Purnima celebrated in the most decorous way. Here, idols of “Radha and Krishna” taken out in a parade. Holi also celebrated as the spring festival in Bengal. Students decorate their campuses with decorative flowers and rangolis.

The Bengali Holi is another name of the dances and colors, and Holi wishes in Bengali image. Holi in Bengal is the festival that brings people closer and this is what matters the most.

Download Happy Holi wishes Bengali 2018 Images

 Happy Holi wishes Bengali Images

Happy Holi wishes Bengali Images

Dol Purnima-Holi Bengali wishes

Holi 2018 wishes in Bengali Language

Happy Holi In Bengali

Images Holi 2018 in Bengali

Happy holi Begali শুভ হোলি

 Holi In Bengal

Happy Holi Wishes Bengali

 Happy Dol Purnima 2018

Bengali Holi Wishes 2018

Happy holi 2018 Begali শুভ হোলি

Happy Holi 2018 In Bengal

Holi 2018 wishes in Bengali Image

Holi 2018 wishes Bengal

Holi 2018 Bengal Selfie

Holi Wishes Image 2018 Facebook
The Bengali people download wishes, Images, SMS, text and quotes on Holi, to share it with the family members including married sister, Mother, Father. Wishing the neighbor with the Holi wishes in Bengali made the bond stronger, so on the occasion of Holi 2018, do not hesitate to send Holi wishes in Bengali to your nearest and dearest, and make relation beautiful with them.

Check We uploaded Holi Wishes Image 2018 here. You can download these Happy holi wishes image in Bengali for PC or Mobile, from this article just by right click on image and then, save it on your cell phone or laptop or computer’s hard disk, and when you want, just upload it on social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp,Twitter and Google plus. For social media we have holi wishes in Hindi online section for Hindi lovers

Holi Bengali wishes 2018

Even you can use these Bengali Holi wishes pictures as WhatsApp status or Facebook cover as well.
Kotoi Swapno Dekhechilo
Tomay Mon Cheyechilo
Hese Hridoy Bolechilo
Tomakei Se Chai
Aj Swapno Mritopray
Hridoy Je Bhenge Jai
Tomai Chere Onno Kichu
E Mon Nahi Chay.
Download Holi wishes Bengali Images 2018
Happy Holi & Suvo Dol Jatra..
Rat Sundor Chand Utle,
Din Sundor Surjo Utle,
Sopno Sundor Puron Hole,
Jibon Sundor Tumar Moto Bondhu Thakle
Happy Holi & Suvo Dol Jatra..

Happy holi wishes in Bengali

Tomay Niye Sopno Amar,
Tomay Niye Joto Asha,
Tomake Dilam Amar Ei Hridoy Vore Bhalobasa.
Tukro Kichu Kothar Majhe Aral Kora Smriti,
Botol Bondhi Jibon Jhapsa Akkriti.
Phike Jokhon Hobe Akash Urbe Jokhon Dhulo,
Porbe Mone Harano Shei Sobuj Smriti Gulo..
Holi wishes Bengali Images 2018 Download
Happy Holi & Suvo Doljatra..
Joto Valobasa Peyechi Tomar Kach Thake;

Holi 2018 wishes Bengali Language

Dustu Ei Mon Chai Aro Beshi Pete;
Ki Jani Tomar Modhe Ki Ache;
Ei Mon Chai Tomake Aro Besi Kore Kache Pete.
 ++Happy Holi & Suvo Doljatra++
Raat Er Khamoshi Raas Ase Na;
Amar Chaya Ekhon Amar Paas Ase Na;
Kichu Ase To Bas Tomar Yaad;
Jeta Ek Poloker Jonno Amar Thake Dure Jai Na.
@Happy Holi & Suvo [email protected]
Happy Holi 2018 wishes Bengali Images
Chena Prithibe Aachena Lage,
Likechi Kobita Tomar Name,
Jotsona Akase Bristi Jore,
Vijechi Ami Tomar Preme!!
holi wishes in Hindi
Incoming search for:

Download Holi wishes Bengali Images

Happy Holi wishes Bengali Images

Holi Bengali wishes

Holi 2018 wishes in Bengali Language

Happy Holi In Bengali

Images Holi 2018 in Bengali

Holi In Bengal

Dol Purnima Images

Happy Dol Purnima 2018

Happy Holi 2018 wishes Bengali Images

Happy holi wishes in bengali 

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

{FLIRTY} Happy Holi Shayari Image 2018 for Girls And Boys

February 07, 2018 0
{FLIRTY} Happy Holi Shayari Image 2018 for Girls And Boys
Happy Holi Shayari 2018, Shayari on Holi, Holi shayari In Hindi, Holi 2018 shayari: So guys, how are you?First of all, we wish you all a very happy Holi 2018, that is, on the date 2 March 2018.  As usual, few keywords are in highlight such as Happy holi shayari image 2018 or Holi Ki Shayari.
Holi Shayari Image for Girls And Boys 2018
This color festival is not complete until we not send Holi wishes to relatives and our dearest, how we can celebrate festival without wishing them. The wish can be in any form and the Happy holi shayari is one of them.
On the holiwishes2016.in We feel very lucky so that we sharing the collection of Holi 2018 shayari defiantly these will bring a smile on your face when you will check our Holi Wishes Shayari below...

Holi Shayari Image

Holi Hindi Shayari Image
Holi Hindi Shayari Image
Yes!! It’s true that Holi is an Indian festival, but it’s also not false that it is celebrated worldwide by NRI and the local folks in other countries with lots of pleasure and joy. Even, few outer press or media says the Indian gone mad on Holi when they throw colored water on each other :)

You can read also : Holi History

They send holi images with shayari to each other on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and in Whatsapp, to share with family and friends for wish with the happy holi wishes images

Holi Hindi Shayari Image

Holi Shayari image in hindi
Holi Shayari Image
रास रचायें गोकुल में कन्हैया, होली में बन जाएँ रंग रसिया, सजाये रंगों का साज हर एक द्वारे आज भी गोपियाँ रंग लिए कान्हा की राह निहारे.
Holi Shayari with Image
holi shayari image download
Happy holi shayari image

Download Holi Hindi Shayari Image

Holi Shayari Image friends 2018
Do you want to download Shayari image on Holi? Then you can download from our websites free of cost. Just right click on image and save these Happy Holi shayari pictures or wallpapers and DP images.

Holi/Dhulandi is the very famous holy Festival of Hindus in India, which celebrated all over the Country. In this article, we are sharing happy Holi Hindi Shayari for you in 2018.

Holi celebrate one day before Dhulandi (Rangwali Holi); it means it will celebrate on 01 March 2018. So are you ready for enjoy holi 2018 with Holi Shayari image in hindi

Holi Wishes Shayari

गुलाल का रंग, गुब्बारों की मार,
सूरज की किरणे,खुशियों की बहार,
चाँद की चांदनी, अपनों का प्यार,
मुबारक हो आपको रंगों का त्यौहार.
हमेशा मीठी रहे आपकी बोली,
खुशियों से भर जाएँ आपकी झोली,
आप सबको मेरी तरफ से हैप्पी होली.
होली का गुलाल हो,
रंगों का बहार हो,
गुझिया की मिठास हो,
एक बात खास हो
सब के दिल में प्यार हो
यही अपना त्यौहार हो.
The special festival of Holi is eagerly waited for the whole year by the young generation as it is the most special time of the year. Many people like to express their felling & love by sharing Holi shayari in Hindi.

Therefore, we have gathered the best, latest, famous, popular, funny, cute, romantic love and sad Shayari in Hindi for holi. So this Holi don’t hesitate to express your feelings and emotion even if you are too close or too far from your loved ones. Check out best Holi shayari 2018 in Hindi and English for Holi.

Romantic Holi Shayari

होली के रंग बिखरेंगे, संग पिया हम अब भीगेंगे, होली में और भी रंग होगा मेरे पिया जब मेरे संग होगा
महोब्बत के रंग तुम पर बरसा देंगे आज, अपने प्यार की बौछार से तुम्हें भीगा देंगे आज, तुम पे बस निशान हमारे ही दिखेंगे, कुछ इस तरह रंग तुम्हे लगा देंगे आज.
भीगा के तुझे पानी में, तेरे साथ भीग जाना है, होकर रंगों से रंगीन आज, अपने गालो से रंग तेरे गालो पे लगाना है.
आ तुझे रंगों से भीगा दे ज़रा, तुझे प्यार के रंग लगा दे जरा, करीब आये तेरे रंग लगाने, और किसी बहाने से सीने से लगा ले जरा. Happy Rango Ki Holi होली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ
गुलाल का रंग, गुब्बारों की मार, सूरज की किरणे, खुशियों की बहार, चाँद की चांदनी, अपनों का प्यार, मुबारक हो आपको रंगों का त्यौहार.